The best CasparCG resources

Last update: 13/6/2021

This will be a post that will be updated when I find or make some new recourses for using CasparCG within a broadcast. Leave a comment if you think there is a recourse missing or if one needs updating. Most of the recourses I still use on a regular basis.

Download links
Latest CasparCG Server Release –
Latest CasparCG Client –

Operating CasparCG Client
CasparCG Client Beginners Tutorial –

Making CasparCG HTML Templates
Chris’s CasparCG HTML Template Guide –
Easy way to create HTML templates for CasrpaCG with Tumult Hype –
CasparCG HTML Templates – Part 1 –
CasparCG HTML Templates – Part 2 –

Making CasparCG FLASH Templates
Would not recommend using the Flash Templates approach if you are starting out, but left them in here for people that need to work with established systems.
How to install Template Generator Animate CC Windows 10 –
How to install Template Generator Animate CC OSX –
How to make a basic dynamic text flash template in Animate CC –
Create a Dynamic CasparCG Template with Video and Audio –

Other tutorials
Control CasparCG Client with Stream Deck –
CasparCG with Resolume 6 using NDI –
Output NDI with CasparCG –
Control BM ATEM with CasparCG Client –
Controlling X32 with CasparCG Client via OSC –
Simple CasparCG Media Playout with Ross DashBoard –

No time remaining, audio meters and autoplay in CasparCG Client (Win10) –
Fix pixelated fonts when running CasparCG Server on Windows –
External API not working CasparCG HTML Template –

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