Getting started making your own overlay for Rocket League esports tournament

While diving into the Rocket League scene one hot topic is creating your own HUD for tournaments. The easiest way at this moment of doing that is the SOS-plugin. An extension for the popular BakkesMod that gives the ability to get live data from the game and translate that to a HTML page with the data. With different streaming or graphics software (for example, Vmix, OBS or CasparCG) you can overlay it on top of the game while broadcasting. Several tournaments are already using it (Codename COVERT, GoldRushGG, Rocket Baguette, etc.).

To get started I made a small YouTube tutorial on how to install the SOS-plugin and the relay server on your computer as it will require to add, for example, $(BAKKESMODSDK) to your system environmental variables. But all that is explained in the following video.

Done everything and your relay server is up and running? Great! Now the next step will be understanding the making of the overlays itself and how to get the data in your HUD. SimpleAOB, the maker of the SOS-Plugin, shows how to make a simple scoreboard in the following tutorial. Other great recourses to get you on the way are:

  • RL Broadcast Programming Discord Server
    Maintained by the maker of the plugin and active community for making your own overlay. If you need an answer that you cannot find in the tutorials this is the place to be.

  • Codename COVERT
    Examples for getting started with your overlay. The top image of this post is an example how they COVERT is using the overlays within their broadcast.

Hope this short post got you started on making your own overlays.

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