Simple CasparCG media playout with Ross Dashboard

Just got started learning Ross Dashboard and of course, I had to ask: can it control CasparCG? And the short answer is: yes it can through TCP messaging. But! I would never recommend using Dashboard solely to make a CasparCG Client. The regular client and many custom solutions are, in my opinion, way better in giving you what you need to start a playout of templates or media. If it is buttons you seek to press look at Bitfocus Companion with a StreamDeck or JustMacros with XKeys as they are way more flexible to set up with non-Ross hardware in most use cases. This post is mostly if you are already in the whole eco-system of Ross and need to control the Swedish army knife of playout through your custom dashboard.

You can watch the tutorial that is linked below and if you want the .grid and XML files you can download that one HERE. Of course there is more possible to control CasparCG with other messages you can send over TCP. For full documentation you can go HERE.

When I get around to making more tutorials and Dashboards for CasparCG I will post them in this post. With the media scanner, I already found the possibility to index all the media files and pull that data into the Dashboard. The reason it is not included is that it was too unreliable to use in production for now in my opinion.

Something to say?!