August 2021 in Photographs

Here is a little selection of photos made during August 2021. Planning to do this every month to do some kind of story in pictures of what I have been up to besides regular work. More photos, blender projects, and other things you normally can find on my Instagram.

A little walk to Lunetten

Started walking more and more to train for the 4daagse (4 days of 40km walk). One of the ways I do that is to do my groceries in different parts of the city. These are photos of my little walk to Lunetten to checkout Ekovers. A sustainable food store.

Graffiti underneath one of the highways
Lunetten sign intended to be mirrored
One of the flats just before entering Lunetten that is slated to be demolished

#UnmuteUs Utrecht

While I am not for opening large festivals again, I am against prioritizing sports events and F1 above art. It is weird that there can be a multiple-day event with 70.000 people and campings, but not some concerts in an open space. Only attended the start of the protest hoping for some speeches, but those never came.

The start of the protest at Lepelenburg
Later in the city center of Utrecht

A morning walk in the Biesbosch

We decided to go out for a morning walk in the Bieschbosch this month. We both hadn’t been there in a while. Just a little pro tip: make sure to wear long pants as both of us got stung multiple times.

More Dutch you almost don’t get
Very muscular cows

Den Haag HS

I Visited Den Haag for a BBQ and just thought that the station still looks amazing. Especially the emptiness due to corona on a typical Friday evening.

Den Haag HS

Kaapse Bossen

To close of August 2021 we did a little walk in the Kaapse Bossen on a quiet Sunday morning.

Enjoying the Sunday morning (while kids screaming in the background)

Most of the photos are shot with a Canon 600D. While not the most expensive camera I am using this one for years now and am still satisfied with everything that comes out of it after touching it with Lightroom. Most of the photos that I made between 2010-2019 were already made with this camera.

Some of my photos and animations you can buy on Pond5 (20% off when clicking this link) or Adobe Stock with different kinds of license options.

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