Making my DreamHack Beyond avatar dance

Sometimes you get bored. Or just have this little idea that gets stuck in your head. One of them was that I wanted to try to make a character in Blender and as inspiration for this one was the avatar I had within DreamHack Beyond. An online festival experience that the company I work for made to arrange a festival during these pandemic times. Definitely checks it out when something like this comes around again as you not only meet new people, but can also get previews for upcoming games, steam keys, in-game items and if you are really committed you could win tickets for one of the DreamHack festivals that eventually will return offline. See you at LAN.

My avatar while roaming DreamHack Beyond

Started out with just a simple model of the burger head. Because it is a burger and I love burgers. Then used the different modifiers to create the body until it kinda resembled the avatar. As I didn’t feel like rigging the body myself I just uploaded the fbx to Mixamo that has to ability to just auto rig your model by telling it where different parts of the body are. Just keep in mind that this only works with humanoid models, and not even all humanoids, as I tried earlier to dump a bunch of League of Legends characters in there. For the music I just slapped a couple of random beats together that were in my samples folder of Ableton as you cannot dance with a bit of noise in the background. And voila this is the result:

The final render from Blender

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