Daily Journal Doodles

To learn to draw better on a tablet I decided to do daily doodling of small things that happen during that day. Challenging myself to post this every morning the moment I wake up from the previous day as an Instagram Story and maybe in a separate section of my blog. That last one I have not really decided on. Maybe a weekly summary or once a month only a selection? We will see, but at least you can see it every day 7 days a week as long as I can on my Instagram.

Instead of Sketchbook, I decided to use Bamboo Paper for this as you cannot do any layers, and you are limited on the amount you can remove from what you have drawn earlier. A limitation that for this project is probably the best to not have endless abilities to redo the doodle as it should also be a reflection of the mood during that day.

The first daily doodling on the 4th of September

Some of my photos, renders, drawings, and animations you can buy on Pond5 (20% off when clicking this link) or Adobe Stock with different kinds of license options.

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