Watching a graffiti piece come together

A couple of my friends have been doing graffiti for years and I asked a while back @instaniwa if I could join him to just watch the process of how it is being made. Graffiti is different of course than a digital art piece as most of the time you can manipulate that along the way and delete layers if you changed your mind. Graffiti are layers stacked on top of each other and for the base of the piece, you already need to plan ahead how you want it to look. Of course, adding the details and flair at the end. Made some pictures and for me, it was also just a chill afternoon where I could fix my bike while watching him paint.

Of course also doodled that day a little bit.

Most of the photos are shot with a Canon 600D. While not the most expensive camera I am using this one for years now and am still satisfied with everything that comes out of it after touching it with Lightroom. Most of the photos that I made between 2010-2019 were already made with this camera.

Some of my photos, renders, drawings, and animations you can buy on Pond5 (20% off when clicking this link), Shutterstock, or Adobe Stock with different kinds of license options.

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