September 2021 in Photographs

Here is a little selection of photos made during September 2021. Planning to do this every month to do some kind of story in pictures of what I have been up to besides regular work and to get better at photography by just taking pictures. Having my camera with me and take the opportunities that I come across, but also daring myself to create those opportunities. More photos, blender projects, and other things you normally can find on my Instagram.

9 Days on Ameland

To close off this month. We went to Ameland for 9 days to unwind, enjoy nature and get some inspiration for the personal projects I am working on. Also did some experimenting with making high-resolution panoramas with my Canon D600 by taking a shitton of pictures and merging them together. Friday we are heading back to our normal life and back to the city while it is pouring outside with weather code yellow (danger code) at the moment.

Hot Air Balloon above De Voorstraat

It almost felt like summer again and we were just drinking at our regular pub outside with some friends.

Hot Air Balloon above De Voorstraat in Utrecht

De Haar Castle

It was a beautiful day on September 4th in Utrecht so decided to cycle to De Haar in Haarzuilens. Roughly a 1-hour cycle from my house and as I had never been there I was interested to just at least take one picture. And… I kept it at one picture as it was quite loaded with people and weddings around the castle. On my way back I also tried to visit Geertjes Hoeve because, well of the name. Also there the number of people was a bit too much to my liking so eventually, I headed back to Utrecht and finished my first daily doodle that you can find daily on my Instagram stories. Dined later that evening at the Sea Salt Saloon that I always can recommend if you like seafood.

De Haar Castle in Haarzuilens

Silence in Utrecht

Mostly try to walk different routes to different destinations in the afternoon and am always surprised that there are these small parts in Utrecht that are so quiet and still have nature in them. Sometimes you just need to take out your earbuds and listen to your surroundings.

DOM when looking from Oudegracht

While the city was packed and crawling with people there was this brief window that everything felt quiet. Just visited two houses that were for sale and walked home to get those steps in and get my mind off things.

Niwa Painting at Leidsche Rijn

Tagged along with @instaniwa for an afternoon of watching him paint this piece at the pit in Leidsche Rijn where it is legal at the moment to set some pieces. More photos in my other blog post.

Close up textures

Made a lot of photos of close-up textures to use later in 3D programs. Most of them you can also buy on Pond5, Adobe Stock, or Shutterstock.

Walking from Baarn to Hilversum

Walked from Baarn to Hilversum using one of the Dutch Railroad’s short hiking routes while listening to some Creative Peptalk podcasts. Closing off the day with a small beer at the Voortuin.

Most of the photos are shot with a Canon 600D. While not the most expensive camera I am using this one for years now and am still satisfied with everything that comes out of it after touching it with Lightroom. Knowing that it doesn’t break the bank when it drops just makes you throw it in your bag whatever you are going to do that day (even if you don’t know beforehand). Most of the photos that I made between 2010-2019 were already made with this camera.

Some of my photos and animations you can buy on Pond5 (20% off when clicking this link), Shutterstock or Adobe Stock with different kinds of license options.

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