It has been quiet on my blog the past few weeks due to a few reasons. One is moving to a new house that needed (and still needs) some love to make it our own. The other reason is all the preparations that went into the return to LAN with RLCS Fall Major. We rounded up some of the old team again that we used to fly across the world to do the technicals for all the different shows to work in our Studio 1 of the DreamHack Stockholm Studio. It has been a journey beginning with the online regionals that build up to a truly international event. Flying players from all over the world to Stockholm for the first LAN with RLCS in over 2 years.

Maybe you have seen the pictures on the Rocket League Esports Twitter about some of the cameras we are using, but let me write down some of the things we are doing within this production. Of course, I can not dive into every detail, because some of the details are best left as part of the secret sauce. Some of the cameras that are used are Panasonic AK-UC4000, BlackMagic Micro Camera, BlackMagic Studio, Marshall CV355x10, and more where almost all cameras can be remotely shaded from the production room that is in different parts of the building.

For the graphics system we are using mainly two different systems. On the one hand, we use Unreal Engine to render out the different 3D graphics you see on the LEDs and within the broadcast with all the different team decals and of course the hype chamber. On the other hand we are using a completely custom-made system that we have built on the past few years to do graphics for many of the broadcasts produced from Stockholm and DreamHack events. You can see an example of how these systems melt together within only a 50-second clip to a show and a little bit of background in the announcement of using Unreal in RLCS.

We are still live in the coming days with an eventual conclusion on Sunday! Watch all the action on and

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