Starting to learn the piano with Melodics

So haven’t posted in a while, but it has been crazy weeks working on some things for RLCS and two other projects I can not tell anything about yet. But… I am finally taking at least 30 minutes a day (when I am home) to start learning the piano with the app Melodics. Getting back on track to learn something creative every day and trying to make more things. Started to post regularly on Ello.

Not new to making music. Had music lessons in high school, learned the clarinet for some years but haven’t touched it in like 8 years, and actually was a singer in a short-lived band while in high school. But never I tried really to learn the piano. Especially I used to not have the patience to learn using both hands at the same time. Melodics is not free, but coupon codes are scattered all around the internet to get some sweet deals on a years subscription. Besides the Piano I will take my Novation Launchpad Mini in my bag for when I have to travel abroad to still learn more about muscle memory and using pads. Traveling on Monday for almost a month to the US to prep for the RLCS Winter Major and executing in YouTube Theatre.

Something to say?!