SOS-Plugin Link: Live Rocket League data in Unreal Engine 5

Download link: GitHub  

Linking platforms and software is the future within the space of digital media consumption that nowadays extends further than just a broadcast. At least that is my opinion. Working a lot of Rocket League productions for the past two years I wanted to get the game data into Unreal Engine 5 to use for some projects I am exploring. The foundation of this is the SOS-Plugin that is already made and maintained by some people in the Rocket League community so it seems more than fair to also make this little plugin free for anyone to download and use in their project.

The plugin is made out of several nodes. After connecting SOS-Plugin to the SOS-Plugin Link for UE5 you can use the five different nodes SOSPlugin Game Data Converter, SOSPlugin Player Data Converter, SOSPlugin Stat Feed Event, SOSPlugin Goal Scored and the SOSPlugin Ball Hit. All these nodes will help you to create all kinds of projects for esports productions within Rocket League. Updates I am doing on this project can always be found on the release page of the GitHub page.

All these nodes convert the raw JSON data that is received over Websockets. You will need some knowledge about how the SOS-Plugin works.

The different nodes you can use in Unreal Engine 5

A little example, when it was still on version 0.2, can be found in this video where I used it to create a Hologram view of the map, player location and ball location in 3D space. This quick example only took around 30 minutes to make with the given data.

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