Fully focusing on freelancing and development for just a month now and a busy month October already was. This is a little wrap-up that I am planning to do every month.

Worked on several productions in different roles. Supporting role for the RLCS 22-23 season for integrating Unreal Engine generated graphics into the North-America and Europe broadcasts. Bethesda Benelux Next Streamer technical director. The Dutch language stream of the FPF Portugal Challenge was broadcasted from the KNVB E_Room at their campus in Zeist. Part of the remote feed team for The International Dota 2 tournament stationed in Oslo. Created/designed part of the graphics package for the first Speed5 stream. Did a small lecture about esports productions processes for the Finnish KAMK University of Applied Sciences. Got a bit back into photography. And worked on some things that cannot be shared… Yet. 

Besides that released the latest version of the SOS-Plugin Link for Unreal Engine 5 that helps virtual production designers to get Rocket League data live into the engine. The release is free and can be found on GitHub. https://github.com/gjverhoeff/sos-plugin-link-ue

Carrying and cycling my freshly made event kit around.

RLCS 22-23 – Supporting Role

For the previous 2 seasons, I worked as a Technical Operations Manager on the RLCS while being full-time employed by DreamHack/ESL Gaming/EFG. During this RLCS 22-23 season I stepped back and left the company as an employee, but still working on some aspects of the show as a freelancer.

Playing a supporting role in integrating the Unreal Engine graphics into the European and North-America broadcasts of the RLCS. These graphics have been visually updated for this season, but were already integrated in the last season. Updating and adding teams for the weekly regional broadcasts and the Fall Major that will happen in Rotterdam.

Bethesda Next Streamer – Production

First Dutch show I have done within the past 7 years with eMense as a client that produces the show from technical aspects for Bethesda Benelux. Bethesda Next Streamer is, for gaming, a relatively short show hosting a fun-orientated competition for Dutch-speaking influencers and streamers surrounding the Bethesda line of games. For the 20th October show, I was contracted as Technical Director/Producer and prepared the show from a technical perspective. Will be also working on the 4th episode of this year’s series.

FPF Portugal Challenge Dutch Language Stream – Production

Also for eMense a Dutch Language Stream from the KNVB e_room in Zeist of the FPF Portugal Challenge. Seen as the start of a new Fifa 23 season in the highest league of Fifa esports. This production was a one-man show. A show where the ‘orange’ Dutch team eventually won the cup.

Speed5 – Broadcast Graphics

Designed and animated a part of the Speed5 broadcast graphics package. Speed 5 is a new series by Black Molly Entertainment and Paradox Games surrounding the Paradox-developed games and their community with different challenges and conversations about the gameplay. For this project I was contracted by Streamconcepts.

The International 11 – Remote Feeds

The biggest broadcast in Dota 2 was done in two separate locations and during the finals days I was working on the remote feeds coming in and going out of the Oslo XR studio. Working Singapore time shifts in Norway.

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