Finally got all the equipment that I wanted in my event kit to travel to broadcast events. The kit will constantly change so let’s call this version 1, but I thought to do a little write up for all the essentials I carry with me at the moment (although some things are left behind when flying as they are not allowed as carry-on luggage). Probably do a comparison in a year of what has changed. 

First of all the case itself. For that one, I ordered an HPRC 2550W Trolley with a Second Skin layout. Mainly because as where I bought it it came with the Second Skin, but still searching for a layout on the top for things like tablets or other small equipment I need to get fast to during an event. 

All packed up

In this case, I have the following always with me:

  • BlackMagic Video Assist 3G 7” Recorder Monitor
    One of the best little affordable monitors that can record, playback and has SDI (with a micro BNC cable) and HDMI input. Two large batteries with it will last for almost a full day (depending on what you do with it). Went for the 3G option as I hardly do any 4K productions that would need the 12G edition of the monitor.

  • Elgato Stream Deck XL
    Especially when doing a small production or you need to automate some of the things that need to happen at the same time. Paired with Bitfocus Companion I cannot imagine any esports production living without a Stream Deck.

  • BNC Extraction Tool
    For those hard-to-reach BNC connections. I would need to leave this one at home when flying, but otherwise always a good one to have on you.

  • Decimator MD-HX
    It is like an army knife for converting HDMI or SDI signals with a scaler build-in and multiple SDI output options (you can scale and loop out at the same time). Also sometimes I use it to amplify a signal if there is too much loss on the way.

  • Sennheiser HD25 Plus
    A lot of audio mixers don’t like a headset that also has a microphone on the same 3.5mm jack connection. So the Sennheiser HD25 I normally take with me has something that sounds good enough (would probably not mix an album on it) and has a 3.5mm jack and adapters for other connections.

  • Samson Q7 Dynamic Microphone
    I bought this microphone probably 15 years ago when still playing in a band. Always have it in my case for the moment you just need a wired microphone for either talkback functionality to the talent or just to test signals.

  • Raspberry Pi 4B with case
    The Raspberry Pi is just a mini pc and can be used for many things. At the moment I mostly use it if I need Bitfocus Companion running and I don’t want to occupy my own laptop during smaller productions, but also working on some other small use cases that I will post on my blog.

  • BlackMagic Pocket Cinema Camera (original)
    Still going strong and paired with a SmallRig and better batteries I use it for some small shots at production or as a live camera with an HDMI cable to the video mixer/production PC.

  • Xbox Controller
    You would be surprised how often you would need a controller in esports productions. Always good to have if you want to play some games yourself in downtime.

  • 8BitDo SN30 Pro Controller
    Same as above, but just smaller and supports other devices as well that require Bluetooth.

  • Gorillapod
    To mount cameras or microphones quickly to something and you don’t want to use tape.

  • Tape
    Carry some roles of PVC tape with me to roll up cables.

  • Small fuses
    A lot of equipment have small fuses in them and you will never know when they blow. So I carry some with me just in case.

  • Assortment of all kinds of adapters and different cables. 
    The strangest cables I have are probably with me. For some reason, the one that you don’t take with you is the one that is needed in production. 

So in a year (I have put it in my calendar) I will look what I have changed in my kit and do a little update on it.

Some of the above links are affiliate links. 

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