November is coming to a close and here is the monthly wrap-up post with a little summary of things I have been working on. November mostly gave me time to work on some development projects. Most of them are not ready to share with the world, but I did release a public test version of the CasparCG Timer (Unofficial) Android App, the Simple vMix Timer (Unofficial) Android App, and did a little update on the SOS-Plugin Link for UE5 for some future projects I am exploring with Unreal Engine 5 including Rocket League live data. November also is the month started working on a large event coming to Denver in February.

Simple vMix Timer (Unofficial) – Android App

The first paid app I am releasing is a simple timer to display the remaining time for vMix (excluding remaining time for replays). Just something that is always wanted in small productions, but often there is not the screen real estate or the equipment on site to make it happen. Now you can just do it on your phone or tablet and at the moment I am also working on releasing the app (if you bought it you don’t have to pay for it again) for AndroidTV if you have an AndroidTV box laying around.

Bethesda Next Streamer – Episode 4

Worked as an onsite technical director for the fourth episode of Bethesda Next Streamer. This time on location at Bethesda Benelux offices where the episode surrounded Starfield. An upcoming game that has not been released yet.

SOS-Plugin Link for UE5 V0.7 update

A little update to the SOS-Plugin Link so you also get the data of what player is being observed. Planning to use this functionality in later projects I am trying to find time to work on. Stay tuned for those! Now also worked with the just-released Unreal Engine 5.1.

RLCS Unreal Engine Graphics Integration

The regionals are done and all the preparation work for the Fall Major in Rotterdam is on its way. Making sure that everything is integrated before the event goes live on the 8th of December in the Ahoy Rotterdam. Will be traveling to the event on the 4th of December to work as a Technical Operations Manager on the first Major of the season.

CasparCG Timer (Unofficial) – Android App

This little free app was made when I noticed that in smaller productions you often want a timer for CasparCG (if used for playing out as VT), but you lack the equipment to set it up on different locations. But who doesn’t have phones?! Or a tablet. The only thing you have to do is be on the same network as CasparCG and configure the server, as shown in the video, to send the OSC data to the application. Working on making the app compatible with AndroidTV as well.

Other things

Burgers eaten
I am an avid burger fan and keep track of all the different locations I have eaten a burger. No new places were visited in October, but I did update my burger map with the burgers eaten in October.

Photos made
Been exploring 35mm film and got my first roll developed. Learning on the way I love the process of not knowing how the picture will turn out and working on bettering myself in taking good-lit pictures. The camera I am using at the moment is Olympus OM 10. In my Instagram post I show a small selection of the 72 photos taken. If you want to see more of my photos (digital and analog) make sure to follow me on Instagram where I share selections of my photos taken.

Something to say?!