RL Buddy is out now on Android and the first (de)vlog

I guess this is an early new years resolution. Doing a semi-regular dev-like-vlog. The goal is one every two weeks. At least if my regular freelance work will allow with travel to different events I am already planning for 2023. 

On my spring holiday a while back I wrote down 74 ideas of things that I want to make within the next 5 years. This does not mean that all these ideas will see the light, but the goal is to explore all these ideas that range from making a game to software that is useful in smaller productions or making more music tracks. 
Already made 4 of the little scribbles on my tablet into reality. Three android apps are available today. Two timers for smaller productions to show the elapsed time and remaining time if someone uses vMix or CasparCG. The vMix timer also works on Android TV which comes in handy as I always have an AndroidTV device with me when working events. 

Also made RL Buddy. A simple stats view of Rocket League to be used by observers and casters at LAN events. You can download the Android version for free. Took many bot games to test the different versus modes, but it finally got there. 

Lastly, I made a plugin for Unreal Engine 5.1 to receive Rocket League data so any virtual production can use that live data. Also re-used that code for RL Buddy. Have some ideas to implement this in future broadcasts so stay tuned on that. 

All the software I talked about you can find on the app section of my website. Thanks and until the next little devlog.

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