The first month of the new year. Decided to make a few small changes to the wrap-up post and put all the freelance work in one single section as often this repeats every few months so why should you read it every so month. Some coding ahead for a couple of client projects that I cannot share yet and made it so that I had a bit less time to work on personal projects, but hopefully there is some time to be found in the coming month to work on those and create another little devlog about it. I know I said that my plan was to do a devlog roughly every two weeks, but decided that it is better to just make one when I actually have something to say on my little escapades.

RL Buddy

The app/software I made at the end of 2022 shows some stats during an RL game at esports LAN events using the SOS-Plugin. Besides the free Android version (that you can download here) I made because I love this community, I am working on a version for bigger events that have more extensive stats going forward (mainly also because it will take way more time to maintain this version). Constantly evolving with feedback from casters and observers of large Rocket League tournaments.

Freelance Work

Worked on some things for RLCS again this month and will be working freelance on some of the events this season. Integrating Unreal in the broadcast and helping on the technical side of things. Besides that, I started working on ETHDenver consulting on the broadcast part of all the stages that will be run during the event. This took me to the US for a couple of days sorting some of the “boring” stuff of the project. Not much I can show you about the freelance projects as all are in different stages of development.

Other things

Gear bought
This is just a little list of notable gear I bought for different jobs/expanding my kit. Always inform yourself with also other sources before buying anything to know if it fits your needs.

HDMI USB Video Capture
Was looking for a cheap HDMI USB Video capture to add to my kit when I work on events. This one, at least in the Netherlands, only costs 7 euro to order from Amazon and I did not expect it to work at all. Is it good? Nehh. I only got mono audio to work, but for only 7 euros it is a good addition to my kit.

Books read
Aiming to roughly read one book a week in 2023 to broaden my horizon and to avoid some screentime that is inherently part of my work. These were the books I read during January (including a link to Amazon or another site you can buy them) and what I quickly thought of them or if they are just not worth reading at all. You only know when you finished them entirely. I try to read books that I think will help to learn new things in esports, running my own studio, and just life in general. Will not be listing books that I don’t find relevant for this blog.

Watch Me Play: Twitch and the Rise of Game Live Streaming by T.L. Taylor
While the book is more than 4 years old it still captures a great look into home streaming and esports broadcasts. Detailing the start, but also an in-depth (with mostly anonymous interviews) look behind the scenes. Almost certainly a must-read for anyone that wants to know more about almost everything behind the start of Twitch.

Surrounded by Narcissists: How to Effectively Recognize, Avoid, and Defend Yourself Against Toxic People (and Not Lose Your Mind) by Thomas Erikson
Not sure if I should have read his other book Surrounded by Idiots first, but this one caught my eye at the bookstore close to my home. Great book if you just want to know a bit about clinical and non-clinical narcissism but also makes you probably question yourself a bit about some of the habits you have. No one in this world, as far as I am aware, does not have some form of narcissistic behavior in them. Especially in this day and age of social media. This is not a medical book. More a book outlining observations and explaining the DISC personalities model.

Everything Is F*cked: A Book About Hope by Mark Manson
Got this book from the TOM team when I left DreamHack as a full-time employee. Maybe for the same reason, someone from work gave me a mug with FUCK OFF printed on it all over again. Probably the best book I read in January of 2023 showing that there is another way of looking at hope and life in general than most people do. I don’t want to say too much about it as I think the best way is just to experience the book. If you liked the previous The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck you would definitely like this one.

Life Love Books: Advice you wished your parents gave you by Mark Manson
Didn’t even know we owned this one so when looking in our bookcase say this tiny collection of blogpost Manson wrote. I am not a follower of his blog perse, just stumble on it sometimes as he does not post that often, but this one is fun just to read in a small afternoon. Of course, you don’t have to buy this book as you should be able to find all these scribbles on his website.

Atomic Habits: An Easy & Proven Way to Build Good Habits & Break Bad Ones by James Clear
Took me less than a day to go through this one. It is fine. Some small learnings as if you aim to improve by 1% a day (so focus on improving with small steps) and making your habits through triggers that is how you build habits. I simplify it a lot, but yeah good quick read, don’t let the page count fool you if you want to start doing some habits. Mainly picked this one as I am actually trying to build a habit to become a reader and reading more books to expand my horizon.

Photos made

Making at least one photo every day (or at least try to) with my old Canon 600D and post it to Instagram. For all my photos visit my Instagram. Mainly to get out of the house during coding and working on different projects.

Some links in this blog post are affiliate links.

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