Get your last Instagram Post into Unreal Engine 5

Note that this will only allow you to get data from your latest post, not other accounts. I am not responsible for changes within the Instagram Basic Display API.

Blueprint nodes to easily interface with the Instagram Basic Display API to get the data of your last post. This plugin uses the access token you can generate for your account within the Meta Developer platform. If you need information on generating your access token follow this tutorial.

This plugin includes two nodes that are both needed to get the data of your latest Instagram post as shown in the example. The actual User ID is not public and needs to be fetched first. The data given by the Last Instagram Post node can be used to load this data into your project how you want. Only when the node is completed the different variables will be populated.

For example:
– You can use a Media Player to load the URL if the Media Type is a video.
– You can use the native Download image node to download the image and use it as a texture on runtime.

Easy to setup and use within Unreal Engine
Example of my last Instagram post in Unreal Engine

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