A simple Blueprint Library for Unreal Engine 5.1 to remote control a Blackmagic Hyperdeck.

Please note that Hyperdecks (depending on the model) only allow a certain amount of TCP connections simultaneously and you need to make sure to disconnect from the Hyperdeck with the disconnect node.

Nodes available:

  • Connect (TCP)
    Fill in the IP of the Hyperdeck to start the connection
  • Disconnect
    Disconnect from the Hyperdeck
  • Play
    Play command where you can set loop (bool), single clip playout or not (bool), and the speed (int with default of 100) of the clip.
  • Stop playback/recording
    Stop command for stopping the recording or the playback of the Hyperdeck.
  • Send a custom message to Hyperdeck
    Send a custom command to the Hyperdeck. You can find more about these different commands in the Hyperdeck manual.
  • Record
    Record trigger
  • Record with custom clip name
    Tell the Hyperdeck to record the clip with a custom name (string).

Video tutorial will follow.

This plugin is using part of the Socketer plugin under the MIT license.

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