Project OUDEGRACHT_245 – DEVLOG #1

Walked this hall many times. Now I can walk it virtually.

An iconic hall during my student years visiting POP-O-MATIC almost every Thursday until late. Sleeping a few hours to get in time for class on early Friday morning. Watching that unknown band. Seeing the Peter Hook. Oudegracht 245 was one of the most iconic pop venues, at least according to me, and later a building that housed artists and offices in the form of Kytopia. While it has been a while, and I changed as a person, I still look back on it with happy memories.

Nowadays the interest has shifted to more digital and virtual. Working in the broadcast space, but also experimenting with other forms of digital engagement. One of these experiments is OUDEGRACHT_245 where I am building my own sandbox to experience events in a digital space. Adding little details that, at the moment, going around in my head, and will share when they are decently done. Mostly new ideas I just want to experiment within a concert space.

For now, just a little teaser with some seconds of footage showcasing the first part of the environment.

Something to say?!