How to setup SOS-Plugin for BakkesMod

There is, as far as I am aware, not an official public way of getting data out of the game, but it is possible with the SOS-Plugin for BakkesMod that gives you data live from the game. A while ago I made a tutorial on how to install the SOS-Plugin for Rocket League and if you need any help…

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Get League of Legends Models into Unreal Engine 4

This tutorial shows how you can get League of Legends models with their animations into the Unreal Engine. It has been pointed out that it is not necessary to use Cinema4D as Blender has the capability to import .dae files. You will need: Blender Obsidian 3.1.2 lol2dae 1.3

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DOTA2 heroes with game animations in Blender

In this video you will learn how to extract the different animations for the heroes of DOTA2 and import them into Blender. Just note that particle effects are not included within this tutorial. Things you will need are: DOTA2 Workshop Models – Here you can download DOTA2 models and textures from the official websiteBlender Source…

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18th of September 2021 #16