“To Disconnect”


Saw a challenge on BlenderArtist.org and thought to make a non-competing submission. This is the result using Extras Curve Object add-on to make the cables and all the other models done by hand. Used a couple of textures from the BlenderKit. The piece depicts a cluttered network server rack that can only be disconnected with…

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Making my DreamHack Beyond avatar dance

Sometimes you get bored. Or just have this little idea that gets stuck in your head. One of them was that I wanted to try to make a character in Blender and as inspiration for this one was the avatar I had within DreamHack Beyond. An online festival experience that the company I work for…

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Two renders from the first lockdown

During the first lockdown in The Netherlands, I started to pick up Blender again and made these two different renders that I am pleased enough with to share online. It was something to take the mind of the regular work as that got me mostly bound to the computer without having to travel to the…

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