Last week in Doodles (42/2021)

The week I lost my Instagram account. No reason was given only that I violated the terms. So started a new one, more aimed at things I make and only personal things in Instagram Stories. Let’s see how long this account will last. Last week I made a new piece in Blender that you can…

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“To Disconnect”

Saw a challenge on and thought to make a non-competing submission. This is the result using Extras Curve Object add-on to make the cables and all the other models done by hand. Used a couple of textures from the BlenderKit. The piece depicts a cluttered network server rack that can only be disconnected with…

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Another track from the lockdown

Was browsing through my messy folders on my desktop and found another track that I made while everything in the Netherlands was closed. Well, at least all the fun things in the Netherlands. Again not a track that is meant for a larger release and just something to have in the background while working or…

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Last week in doodles (41/2021)

Another full week of some daily doodles you can find every day with my Instagram Stories and on the separate section of this blog. This week was mostly spend on Ameland to unwind. All Doodles were drawn on my Samsung Tab S6 Lite using Bamboo Paper.