How to make your esports logo look good on broadcast

Did a little rant a while ago on Twitter about bad esports Team Logos so let me extent on that to give some pointers about what a good logo should have from a technical perspective. This is not to bash any design choices that are just preferences of your team. These are only pointers for…

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Live data integration in esports

When you dwell in the technicals of esports broadcasts you often hear something as “There is a Gamestate integration” or “The game has an API”, but what are those things? Basically what those things mean is that there is a way to get live data from the game by either the game sending it to you or by requesting it from the server. Either as raw data or, the much preferred, formatted data that then can be used in for instance some features of the broadcast.

Cool you can receive data from the game, but be aware that it is not a magical solution that you throw to the wall and it sticks. There are many things to consider when using game data integration. It could be that stats are delayed, that the stats are not updated frequently enough for your use case, that the game is not giving you that particular stat that you want and you have to calculate it yourself, etc. The magic of game data is not in receiving the data, but in how you are going to integrate it to make it have meaning in a broadcast. Also, if you are in the position, ask the developer for any non-documented ways of getting data. You will be surprised that often they will give you some insight into data that they can deliver without having any public statement about it.

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The best CasparCG resources

Last update: 13/6/2021 This will be a post that will be updated when I find or make some new recourses for using CasparCG within a broadcast. Leave a comment if you think there is a recourse missing or if one needs updating. Most of the recourses I still use on a regular basis. Download linksLatest…

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