Seems that I haven’t made a video in over a year, but time to get back into it with some tutorials and also post some other projects that I am working on. Got a DM on Twitter from someone that was looking for a way to create CasparCG HTML Templates with only After Effects experience. Around the same time, I came accross Loopic which gives you the tools to create simple CasparCG Templates. In the video it is the first time me trying it out and I am impressed. I think it is an excellent tool to get started before
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For some of applications, we need to have WebM’s with alpha. Using the Fnord plugin. you can do this easily on Mac or Windows. If you need a preset template for 1080p you can find that here. The plugin not only works in Premiere but also in the free Adobe Media Encoder if you don’t own Premiere or if you only need to convert the video.

There is, as far as I am aware, not an official public way of getting data out of the game, but it is possible with the SOS-Plugin for BakkesMod that gives you data live from the game. A while ago I made a tutorial on how to install the SOS-Plugin for Rocket League and if you need any help the Discord set up by the creator of the plugin is full of a bunch of wonderful people getting you on your way. Just note that an update of the game can break BakkesMod so it could be that it will not work until a fix is
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In this video you will learn how to extract the different animations for the heroes of DOTA2 and import them into Blender. Just note that particle effects are not included within this tutorial. Things you will need are: DOTA2 Workshop Models – Here you can download DOTA2 models and textures from the official websiteBlender Source Tools – The plugin to be able to import assets that were originally for the Source EngineBlender – Well the obvious link to Blender

Just an issue that you will probably not encounter that often, but a little while ago I had this particular problem where I wanted to do a call to the Twitter API to display a tweet on the broadcast with only knowing the TweetID. Bascically allowing us not to have to make a single graphic out of it. After some searching, you are able to start CasparCG with the web security disabled allowing it to do the call through the terminal with the following line: All recourses I normally use you can find in my The Best CasparCG Recourses