CS2 Buddy

CS2 Buddy is a simple application to show stats from a current CS2 Competitive LAN game while observed. The Production version has additional OSC triggers for use in production (for example if you want to trigger LED states indicating the bomb is planted). If you download the Base version you will automatically get an email when the production version is available.

CS2 Buddy Production Edition (Windows Only)

The Production Edition (current version 0.9.1) allows you to send OSC triggers to two different destinations at the same time. The following OSC messages are implemented at the time.

  • Clock (containing the current clock as a string)
  • CT Score (containing CT score as a string)
  • T Score (containing T score as a string)
  • CT Round Win Trigger
  • T Round Win Trigger
  • Bomb Planted Trigger
  • Bomb Defused Trigger
  • Bomb Exploded Trigger
  • Bomb Planting Trigger
  • Bomb Defusing Trigger

If you find any bugs please send a message on Discord.