CS2 Data – Unreal Engine 5 Plugin

A simple Blueprint plugin that allows you to receive live CS2 data while observing a match (or playing a replay) within Unreal Engine 5 without any middleware. It is intended for use in XR/GFX/AR esports productions. Not all data will work if you intend to use this as a player in the game. The plugin uses the official Gamestate Integration provided by Valve.


Plugin installation
Extract the Zip file and place the CS2DataBasicEdition within your Plugins folder of your Unreal Engine 5 project.

Setup in Unreal Engine
Setup your actor as depicted in the image. You can change the port that the server will be created within Unreal if other software already takes that port. The default is port 3000.

Setup within CS2

  • In Steam Library right-click on Counter-Strike 2 -> Manage -> Browse local files
  • Go to game->csgo ->cfg

Paste the provided cfg file in this folder. If CS2 is running on a different computer on the same network open the cfg with Notepad and change the localhost to the IP that Unreal Engine 5 is running and if needed change the port that you have set in your Blueprint Node. For example

The following data is available in the BasicEdition at the moment through nodes: