Download link: GitHub   Linking platforms and software is the future within the space of digital media consumption that nowadays extends further than just a broadcast. At least that is my opinion. Working a lot of Rocket League productions for the past two years I wanted to get the game data into Unreal Engine 5 to use for some projects I am exploring. The foundation of this is the SOS-Plugin that is already made and maintained by some people in the Rocket League community so it seems more than fair to also make this little plugin free for anyone to
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Did not work on my creative projects last week as I am working in the DreamHack Stockholm Studio to get everything ready for another season of RLCS. Not to say that I haven’t learned a lot besides the things I normally setup for a broadcast anyway. Cannot tell too much yet, but the following video gives a glimpse of what is going to happen next weekend in the broadcast at

In this video you will learn how to extract the different animations for the heroes of DOTA2 and import them into Blender. Just note that particle effects are not included within this tutorial. Things you will need are: DOTA2 Workshop Models – Here you can download DOTA2 models and textures from the official websiteBlender Source Tools – The plugin to be able to import assets that were originally for the Source EngineBlender – Well the obvious link to Blender