RLCS 22-23

CLIENT: ESL FACEIT GROUP | PERIOD: October 2022 – present

For the previous 2 seasons, I worked as a Technical Operations Manager on the RLCS while being full-time employed by DreamHack/ESL Gaming/EFG. During this RLCS 22-23 season I stepped back and left the company as an employee, but still working on some aspects of the show as a freelancer.

One of the things I am involved in is RLive. A Fortnite Creative map where an enhanced broadcast can be watched together with your friends within Fortnite. Playing mini-games, getting rewards, voting for the team you think might win and, at least during the last World Championships, there are special events built in correlating with real-life tournament events. My involvement is getting part of the data generated by the production to the servers of Epic so that they can use that data to display and trigger events within the Fortnite Creative map. An example of how that looked last World Championships at the start of the Grand Finals:

I am also playing a supporting role in integrating the Unreal Engine graphics into the European and North-America broadcasts of the RLCS. These graphics have been visually updated for this season, but were already integrated in the last season. Updating and adding teams for the weekly regional broadcasts and the Fall Major that will happen in Rotterdam.

Besides these supporting roles I will be working as a freelancer Technical Operations Manager at the first Major in Rotterdam. More information about the RLCS 22-23 season can be found HERE.