Two renders from the first lockdown

During the first lockdown in The Netherlands, I started to pick up Blender again and made these two different renders that I am pleased enough with to share online. It was something to take the mind of the regular work as that got me mostly bound to the computer without having to travel to the canceled festivals.

The first one is an interpretation of a mural that can be found at De Voortuin. A pub I frequently visit in my hometown Utrecht and if you walk to the back you can see this piece on the wall. Providing there is no sports on as the projector screen will otherwise cover it. After making the sketch with Google Tiltbrush in VR I imported this within Blender to start replacing the sketch with actual models. Some that I made myself, like the bridge for example, and some that I got through the Blender Kit addon. A perfect add-on when you just get started with modelling. For the ivy on the bricks I used the Vine Gen addon which was just a breeze to use when you get the hang of it. Making this render I mostly learned the importance of volumetric lightning for setting the tone as you can see in the before lightning and post-processing and after post-processing image.

Interpretation of a mural at De Voortuin
A flythrough of the sketch made in Tiltbrush.
An earlier version of the render before post-processing and changing the water shader

The second render I did during the lockdown is how imagine a real-estate agents closet looks like as we are looking for a house at the moment what seems to be a more difficult task than expected. Focussing this render mostly on getting the spiderwebs right and making the model for the ‘for sale sign. Eventually I also used that model to make several cliparts to be put on stock websites. For example this one on Pond5.

In the meantime we are still looking for that house to buy.

Some of my photos and animations you can buy on Pond5 (20% off when clicking this link) or Adobe Stock with different kinds of license options.

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